How to get Pregnant, STEP 1: Observation & Testing

How to get Pregnant, STEP 1: Observation & Testing. Observation includes medical testing, self-assessment, technology to track your health, traditional Chinese medicine, and some other assessment tools. This is the first step in your infertility journey. You want to discover what may be potentially negatively impacting your ability to get pregnant.

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How to get Pregnant, STEP 1: Observation & Testing

In my eyes, the first step in applying precise medicine to your individual needs is this step is starting to observe. Starting to do the testing self qualification and quantification are essential to moving forward most effectively and efficiently.

Lab tests are a big part of this. And unfortunately, mostly consists of testing that your family Dr. may never requisition. Even your REI will not due to restraints and guidelines from their professional colleges or whatever may be, opinions may be best practices, but remember your intention needs to be that you’re, co-creating a plan to optimize your health and wellbeing and not simply look for disease markers. Fertility is a manifestation of whole health. So we want to get to know you and what’s going on with you from top to bottom and start working on those things


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