Online Fertility & Wellness Yoga with Dr Erin Flynn (TCM)

Beginning September 2021, Dr Erin Flynn (Dr TCM) will be offering weekly online Fertility & Wellness Yoga classes! In this podcast, Dr Spence Pentland talks with Dr Erin Flynn about the benefits of yoga for fertility. 



Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes this yoga fertility friendly and what can a student expect?

These yoga classes are designed with 2 main focuses in mind – the first is increasing blood flow into the lower abdomen.  In Chinese Medicine we see this as invigorating Blood circulation and supplementing the Kidney Qi.  In Yoga, this is achieved by opening the hips and consciously directing breath into the abdomen. And the second focus of these classes is to open the chest – this can help with reducing stress and increasing our resilience.  In Yoga this is balancing the Heart Chakra; in Chinese Medicine this is referred to as calming the Shen, or calming the Spirit.  It also relates to balancing the Heart. When the Heart and the Kidneys are in balance, in Chinese Medicine theory this helps improve fertility.

What is different about these classes and ones you would find at a studio?

These classes will be offered in the comfort of your own home.  We will be using the Zoom platform for classes – I will have my camera set up so you can see me and my mat as I guide us through shapes and breathing exercises.  You have the option to also angle your camera so that I can see you and give gentle feedback if you like.  You are also free to keep your camera turned off if privacy is a concern for you.  I try to make these as interactive as I can with this platform.  

There are certain things we will not be doing in these classes which are very common studio classes, such as closed twists or inversion postures.  While twists are very beneficial in general, in these classes we will focus on opening the body.  We will also not be doing any prolonged inversion postures (where your head is below your heart) – there will be no shoulder stands, or arm balances.  We will, however, use downward facing-dog, but without holding that shape for extended periods of time.

What is your training to teach yoga, and will you bring your knowledge of TCM into the classes?

In early 2021, I became a member of the British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association as a fitness leader.  I wrote a fitness theory exam and updated my CPR & First Aid certification to do this.  The BCRPA regulates fitness professionals in BC – anyone who teaches a class at a community centre, and many personal trainers in gyms, are members of this organization.  I took further training to be a Yoga Teacher specialist with the BCRPA.  More information is available on their website (

I am also a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so I want to incorporate some acupressure points during class to complement the postures we use.  I will spend some time each class introducing a point for acupressure, and how to use it.

When will the classes be running?

We will start with running  2 classes per week – one will be Tuesday mornings at 11 am for people who have availability during the day, and the other will be Thursday nights at 7:00pm for those who prefer evening classes.  If you are interested in taking the class but are not available during either of these times, we can send you a recording of the class, which is a nice feature about using Zoom. 

Will this class be safe for women undergoing Assisted Reproductive Techniques such as IVF?

Yes!  These classes are developed with IVF and fertility treatments in mind.  We will do no deep closed twists which may not be beneficial or comfortable  for women with enlarged ovaries, and we will keep our hearts below our head for the most part to minimize any light-headedness.  As will all Yoga classes, wherever you take them, the practice is yours.  You are encouraged to take breaks or come out of any shapes that do not feel comfortable or serve you in that moment.

Will this class be appropriate for people who are not actively trying to conceive?

Also Yes!  Connecting to your breath, being present, and activating your body with Yoga is always good for you and your well-being.  We will be incorporating weekly themes to our classes, sometimes focusing on gratitude, sometimes focusing on balance, or other important concepts.  Hips and chests are chronically tight in our fast paced, desk sitting culture, so anything we can do to minimize that can be helpful. 

How can people learn more about this? 

If anybody has questions about these classes, they can contact me directly by email at erin @  More general questions about pricing, packages, and scheduling into a class can be directed to our office email.

What will be the pricing for these classes and when will they start?

We will be offering a promotional free 60 minute class through Zoom on Thursday, September 9, 2021,  from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Please contact our office if you are interested and they can register you for the course.  Space is limited.  I will email you a link to the Zoom session about an hour before class.

After that, we will start regular classes on Thursday Sept. 16, 2021.  Individual class drop-in rates will be $25, and we will have yoga packages available that can bring the price down to $20 per class.  

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