Laser vs. Needle Acupuncture for Embryo Transfer

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We sometimes get asked whether we use laser acupuncture to support clients on embryo transfer day, and the answer is no. To date, approx 20 quality studies have been done regarding the administration of acupuncture on embryo transfer day during an IVF cycle. From this list there has only been one study that included the use of laser acupuncture. This particular study by Fratterelli JL et al published in Fertility & Sterility in 2008 reported an increase in implantation rates with the use of laser acupuncture, however, the data also showed little difference in 'ongoing pregnancy rates' between traditional manual needle acupuncture and laser acupuncture. Therefore, until much more research is done and displays further benefit and no harm from laser acupuncture, Yinstill chooses to administer the evidence supported technique of traditional manual needle acupuncture for all on site embryo transfer day acupuncture treatments.

Fratterelli study abstract:…

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