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On Site Embryo Transfer Day Acupuncture: the importance of treatment at the IVF clinic

I would like to answer a question I get from time to time about our policy of ON SITE (at the IVF clinic) acupuncture for embryo transfer day. Many studies have been shown to improve pregnancy rates when acupuncture is done on embryo transfer day, a protocol involving a treatment just before the procedure and then again after the procedure. In all of these studies the acupuncture was administered ON SITE at the IVF clinic, except for one. The particular study which displayed negative effects on clinical pregnancy rates when acupuncture was administered on embryo transfer day had one difference, the acupuncture was done at a location OFF SITE (acupuncture clinic), not at the IVF clinic. This involved extra time and travel through traffic at a busy time of day in a major city, before and again after the transfer. This is a time when a woman should be resting, not navigating traffic and spending even more time away from the comfy confines of her home.

It is my intention for this post to help women and couples that are going through IVF, make informed decisions about their medical care.

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