One Woman's PCOS Journey

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The following is a great example of typical PCOS case seen at Yinstill. If you think you may have PCOS or have been diagnosed with excess androgens, insulin resistance, irregular menstrual cycles, or cystic ovaries, I encourage you to read this story below, and to venture to youtube to listen to how other women have managed theri PCOS.

I stopped using hormonal birth control in August 2011 and began having irregular cycles. All of my initial bloodwork/testing was within 'normal' ranges so there was no ‘obvious’ cause for this and we were referred to PCRM. We met with an RE at PCRM in July 2012, clomid was prescribed and I began acupuncture with a local practitioner. I didn’t start clomid right away as we were doing some follow up testing first.

From April – October 2012 my cycles seemed to be more irregular, often ending in 10 days of Provera.

A friend recommended Dr. Pentland so I began seeing him once a week around the time of my 2nd Clomid cycle in November 2012. In December we added Inositol (6/day). Throughout this time I was taking Clomid and ovulated somewhat regularly but had a slower response the 3rd attempt on 50mg.

In January 2013 we added Chinese Herbs, Fish oils EPA, and Vitamin D to my daily regime, as well as strictly limiting gluten/dairy/caffeine/soy/alcohol from my diet. We attempted our 4th cycle of Clomid (increasing the dose to 100mg and did our first IUI) in February 2013 and became pregnant. Unfortunately this pregnancy ended in m/c at 9 weeks.

We took a break for April and then in May got back to all of the above. My husband took Carnityl and EPA at this time too. April and May resulted in regular menstrual cycles. June came and we tried another Clomid/IUI cycle and again became pregnant but it was a chemical pregnancy ending at 4 1/2 weeks.

We had repeat loss testing and again everything was normal. We decided to see a different RE for another opinion on the next steps, enjoy the summer and get ‘healthy’ in the meantime while continuing to see Dr. Pentland weekly. I continued with the gluten/dairy free diet, limited caffeine and alcohol, took the herbs and supplements, adding CoQ10 and baby aspirin and focusing on a high protein/low carb eating. During this time period I also began running 3x/week. My husband continued with Carnityl, EPA and added CoQ10 as well.

My next couple cycles without clomid were again regular. Then august rolled around and the miracle happened, without clomid or insemination I got my 3rd positive pregnancy test in September 2013. I continued with weekly acupuncture, aspirin and took progesterone supplements to help maintain the pregnancy. I’m due in May 2014.

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