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Jane started at Yinstill Sept 2018. She has been coming consistently since that time for regular acupuncture.

Our GOALS were to:
– regulate immune function (reduce inflammation / enhance infection-fighting),
– soothe emotions (relieve stress and anxiety, anger, fear, palpitations, vivid dreams, and depression)
– improve sleep (light, vivid dreams)
– regulate bladder issues (frequency, cloudy, infections, nocturia)
– improve digestion (gas, bloating, loose BM, fatigue after eating, sweet cravings, weight, yeast infections)
– regulate cycles (increase blood volume, reduce pain, soothe PMS)

When she first came I asked her what she felt she needed to do in order to accomplish better health and fertility, she said;
– slow things down, be more in the now
– meditation
– surrender, be kinder to herself
– do not need to be in such control
– practice gratitude

She followed our plan laid out – more exercise, focus on work/rest balance, anti-inflammatory diet, no alcohol, supplements, avoiding toxins, and regular weekly acupuncture treatments.

In recent months she shifted positions at work and learned to create more boundaries (taking on too much), overcame hurdles with her hubby and mother-in-law, and made attempts to surrender and let go of her need for control. Ultimately she became better at caring for herself. They started seeing a counselor for their relationship and finally moved to a nice home together in the suburbs (and got a pet) – a new nest, Feng Shui life. Her hubby stopped cannabis and cut way back on alcohol. He is a new man, happy in their new home (with their new pet). She says he is also finally standing tall with his new job as he is finally providing how he desires (testosterone). She came off antidepressants due to better management of emotions and life, and started using letrozole for the past few cycles with a plan to do IVF soon if needed. Finally, after many discussions, she decided to take my herbal medicine and felt great. Current cycle IUI and they are pregnant – beta 167!

Cultivating fertility is a wholistic journey and requires commitment and self-full practices.

P – preg 90! rapid slippery strong


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