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Sperm and Miscarriage

Many studies show a link between poor sperm quality and miscarriage, therefore this possibility cannot be overlooked when recurrent pregnancy loss (RPL) is affecting a couple. The good thing is, with natural medicine, there is much that can be done to help.

The following is a simple Google Scholar search on ‘sperm+miscarriage’. This is simply to highlight the large body of research and findings that are attempting to find the connections between the two. The first study is a meta analysis of 16 cohorts (14 prospective) that shows a significant increase in miscarriage rates when DNA fragmentation of sperm is high. This DNA damage may be particularly elevated in some subfertile men, hence several studies have examined the link between sperm DNA damage levels and conception and miscarriage rates.


The take away here is simple, is is very possible that sperm plays a role in miscarriage – and there is much natural medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine has to offer when it comes to male factor infertility.

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