Yoga Acupuncture Therapy: How to Build Resilience

Interview with Dr. Erin Flynn

Erin Flynn, BA, MSc, Dr. TCM offers Yoga Acupuncture therapy at Yinstill in Vancouver. Through teaching, breath, forms, and finally acupuncture, she provides participants with tools to help them cope with the day to day stress and challenges associated with infertility. In this podcast Dr Flynn explains the history of Yoga and its journey to the West, the basics of Yoga Acupuncture therapy, how Yoga affects the autonomic nervous system, and the process she takes people through in an actual session. I am very excited to have this wonderful service for our patients, to aid in their journey toward health, pregnancy, and family!
~ Spence Pentland

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Dr. Flynn Professional Profile
Bachelor of Arts (Psychology, Simon Fraser University, 1998)
Master of Science (Medical Research (Neuroscience), University of Calgary, 2000)
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ICTCM, Vancouver, 2006)
Therapeutic Yoga Certificate (Langara College, 2019)


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