Irregular Period

What is an “irregular period” anyways?

Women today have many demands in their day to day life which can all affect the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is linked to hormones and when the hormonal balance is not aligned irregular periods can occur.  An irregular cycle can mean sometimes early, or sometimes late and is very unpredictable. In Chinese Medicine theory, the cycle should come every 29 days give or take a day or two every month. It should flow 3-7 days consist of moderate volume and should have a fresh red colour not purple,

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The best health care experience I have ever had…

Before I saw Dr. Pentland I was always a bit wary of chinese medicine mostly due to a lack of understanding. However, now I can honestly say that it was the best health care experience I have ever had. Dr. Pentland is a warm and intuitive person, but what I was most impressed by was his sound knowledge base which includes but is not limited to; nutrition, physiology, reproductive health, mental health and chinese interventions.

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