Reclaiming Fertility

More and more women today are seeking fertility assistance. Stats Canada noted a decline in women having children in their 20’s and an increase in women conceiving in their 30’s. Overall, up to 15% of Canadian women from 18-44 years of age are having difficulty conceiving (a twofold increase from 1992).

Fertility declines in the woman’s 30’s and progressively becomes more difficult after age 35.

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Immune Boosting Tips for Cold and Flu season – by Dr. Jennifer Schmidt-White

During the winter season people experience frequent colds and flus. The most common preventative measure is the flu vaccine which is effective against three specific strains of viruses, but bolstering your immune system on a daily basis results in fewer and shorter colds and flus overall and improves defense against a variety of viruses and bacteria.

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An Introduction to Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation has been around since prerecorded times and refers to the manipulation of the organs (viscera) of the body. While gentle and intuitive, this type of treatment is very effective in releasing chronic restrictions.

A modern form of visceral work was developed by a French Osteopath / Physical Therapist Jean-Pierre Barral, who became interested in the implications of manipulating the viscera through his experience in a hospital specializing in lung disease treatment and his experience treating spinal restrictions by treating the organs.

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Accepting What Is

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“All the women called me Coach and I loved that the place had tablecloths”, exclaimed my Father, over two decades ago, regaling the virtues of a local restaurant he and his woman friend enjoyed in Calgary.

He wasn’t all that concerned with delving much deeper into anything;

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