I implicitly trust her wisdom and approach

Reflecting on my experience and interactions with Julie as my acupuncturist, I implicitly trust her wisdom and approach to supporting my sense of well-being. As part of my regular visits, I appreciate Julie’s very intuitive presence and approach to what I may need at any given moment, incorporating whatever I share into each treatment I receive.

Turning a Breech Baby with Moxa

This is Sean from Yinstill. I just wanted to drop you a line to see how you are doing. Did the baby manage to turn with the moxibustion treatments? I hope you, baby and family are well.
Take care,

Sean was Pivotal on our Journey

I’ve been seeing Sean for about 5 months now to help with fertility. It has been a really great experience working with Sean. He is a great listener and an excellent practitioner and I think that working with him has been pivotal in helping us get pregnant. Whether it is practical advice or tips, or encouraging words combined with the acupuncture, it has been a truly positive experience and I don’t think I would be at this place now without him. I’d highly recommend getting treatment from Sean.