Surrendering to yourself, one breath at a time

Giving back to your body after suffering loss is one of the most empathetic and compassionate things you can do for yourself. The energy that is put into trying to conceive whether it be naturally or with an IUI or IVF cycle, the financial resources, anticipation and unfortunately sometimes the result we didn’t expect, can be a hard hit to the soul.

Picking yourself up after this point in the journey can be another expression of caring for your spirit. After processing an unsuccessful transfer, or a miscarriage your spirit and body may feel depleted.

What else is your body trying to tell you?

I truly believe in this moment when your body is trying to accept a trajectory you were not anticipating, is also when compassion, self love and most of all surrendering can have a profound healing effect. Surrendering to yourself and opening to what your body needs at that moment is an act of opening your life to a new path.

In Chinese medicine we refer to a frustrated or emotional time as ‘qi’ stagnation. In other words, “blockage”. Easing this stagnation and transforming it into smoother emotions are important in healing and allowing our bodies to settle during a stressful time. Stress hormones such as cortisol are likely running high and this is a time to be compassionate to yourself; allowing your ‘self’ to heal.

When it feels impossible to start  it can be difficult to know what to do first.  The first practice that can steer you towards a more balanced state of mind is breath.

Yes, breath. Deep, meditative breath. Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It is and it has a profound effect on the human body. I encourage you to start today, if this is not a regular practice of yours.  One of my favorite aspects of relaxing that I like to introduce to my patients before starting any acupuncture session is connecting with breath. Deep breathing consists of slowly inhaling through your nose, allowing your lungs to fill anywhere from 4-6 seconds. Hold for 1-2 seconds and then slowly exhale for 4-6 seconds. Continue to do this cycle of deep meditative breath until you feel more relaxed in your body. This type of breathing deeply relaxes the nervous system, alleviates stress, anxiety and can allow you to reconnect with your body.

The act of surrendering can be a new approach to letting go of old patterns that no longer serve you. To allow yourself to dive deeper into what your body and spirit need to make you feel more balanced and in a state of mind that produces joy and can prepare you for your new fertility path. Once you feel that you can go beyond the practice of breath start to try therapeutic activities such as taking a warm bath, going for a night out with some close friends, pouring your soul out on paper or going for a walk in nature.

Why not start now and surrender to your breath? Surrendering to yourself and opening up to what your body needs in the moment…opening to a new path one breath at a time.

With love and a deep, meditative breath!


Lara Tisseur

Registered Acupuncturist


If you would like to speak with Lara about your struggles conceiving, and receive some therapeutic acupuncture sessions at this time of surrendering to yourself, please contact us today.

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