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Breast Lumps and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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Breast diseases which are benign (not cancerous) include fibrocystic disease (lumps, fibroids and cysts), fibroadenomas, breast pain (referred to in western medicine as mastalgia), and abnormal nipple discharge. Although not malignant by definition, these conditions can be at worst very uncomfortable to bear, and at best an indicator that something in the body as a whole (and the breasts in particular) is out of balance.

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Breast Health: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, the root of all breast disease is stagnation. In its mildest form, this poor circulation is reflected as premenstrual breast distension, tenderness, or pain. At its most severe, it becomes the Stagnation of Blood & Qi with Toxic Heat of a malignant breast tumor. Benign breast lumps, cysts and / or pain lie somewhere on the continuum of stagnation,

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Interview with Author of ‘Conquering Infertility’ -Alice Domar, Mind Body Fertility Expert

Interview with Author of ‘Conquering Infertility’ -Alice Domar, Mind Body Fertility Expert

(47:04) Alice is clearly the leading expert when it comes to the mind-body-fertility connection. She presents resent research on the topic and discusses what she has seen and learned since the mid 1980’s when she started her journey working with infertility and how the mind-body influences this condition.  The fertility APPS she has created (free) for both men and women are amazing and I encourage you to check them out after listening to this interview.
Spence Pentland

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Vancouver Infertility Story #5

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“I remember having a conversation with a work colleague in my thirties about the similarities between having a baby and doing a PhD. His wife was pregnant at the time and i was several years out of a Masters degree wondering what my next steps in life would be. Being mostly single at the time and knowing i didn't want to raise a child on my own, 

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Lifestyle Changes to Decrease Estrogen Excess

Excess estrogen or ‘estrogen dominance’ refers to a state of hormone imbalance that may be due to stress, toxins, or poor detoxification. Excess estrogen causes uncomfortable symptoms in women including:

  • uterine fibroids, fibrocystic breasts, ovarian cysts, breast cancer, PCOS, endometriosis (all estrogen-dominant conditions)
  • fatigue
  • bloating and fluid retention
  • gallstones
  • decreased sex drive
  • PMS
  • long, short, heavy or irregular periods
  • hot flashes and night sweats
  • weight gain
  • acne
  • depression &/or irritability

    Most commonly the body doesn’t deliberately produce too much estrogen;

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    Supporting Progesterone Naturally

    Progesterone (synthetic progestin or bio-identical progesterone) is often prescribed for women looking to balance their hormones. But is hormone replacement always necessary? Naturopathic Medicine uses foods, herbs, supplements and lifestyle changes to help normalize hormone levels and bring the body back to balance. Although Naturopathic Doctors can prescribe bio-identical hormones, adding new hormones into your body is often a last resort.

    Progesterone can be low due to relative excess of estrogen – including exposure to environmental estrogens such as those found in plastics,

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    The following tests may be recommended to those struggling with reproductive and/or health challenges. Since we know fertility optimization is dependant on the cultivation of whole health, precision medical practices to individualize your treatment plan is necessary.

    Click each section below for full information.

    Micronutrient Panel

    The Micronutrient test provides the most comprehensive nutritional analysis available by measuring functional deficiencies at the cellular level. It is an assessment of how well the body utilizes 31 vitamins,

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    Healthy Fathers Program

    The Healthy Father’s Program is ideal for men who not only want to optimize their fertility, but also understand the importance of being a healthy father. This typically includes any man wanting to place a focus on their health and well-being, or more specifically men with more complex issues with semen production and quality and/or other aspects of reproductive health (morphology, antisperm antibodies, hormonal imbalance, DNA fragmentation) as well as an overall need for health improvement.

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    Estrogen in The Body: A TCM Perspective

    Estrogen is that quintessential hormone of femininity. Also known as oestrogen, it is actually a group of compounds named for their importance in the estrus (reproductive) cycle of humans and animals. It plays an important role in the menstrual cycle and can influence key aspects of fertility. It is used in birth control pills (BCP) and hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Imbalances of this sex hormone are associated with some kinds of abnormal cell growth, menopausal syndrome,

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    What is an “irregular period” anyways?

    Women today have many demands in their day to day life which can all affect the menstrual cycle. The menstrual cycle is linked to hormones and when the hormonal balance is not aligned irregular periods can occur.  An irregular cycle can mean sometimes early, or sometimes late and is very unpredictable. In Chinese Medicine theory, the cycle should come every 29 days give or take a day or two every month. It should flow 3-7 days consist of moderate volume and should have a fresh red colour not purple,

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