Functional Medical Testing

At Yinstill we offer a variety of testing to suit the needs of each patient. Any combination of the tests listed below may be recommended to those struggling with reproductive and/or health challenges. Since we know fertility optimization is dependent on the cultivation of whole health, precision medical practices to individualize your treatment plan is necessary, and testing is an important step.


Both male and female hormone status may help discover underlying issues that could be causing reproductive challenges. When imbalances are present it can act as a guide to choosing appropriate treatments, as well as necessary changes to lifestyle. Tests including reproductive hormones, thyroid hormones, and stress hormones are typical recommendations.


Nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities are very common and can affect a multitude of cellular and organ functions that impact reproductive health and fertility potential. Understanding which nutrients we need more/less of, and which foods we could be potentially sensitive to offer amazing information to integrate into fertility cultivation and pregnancy care.


In a modern urban world, we are exposed to a long list of toxins, many of which are known to disrupt hormonal balance. This is a topic that we cover quite deeply with each patient throughout their time with us. We currently recommend heavy metal and mold testing as a good place to start.


Bacteria, yeast, and parasites could be playing a role in not only your gut health but your overall health and ultimately sexual function and fertility. Find out if your gastrointestinal tract is harbouring microorganisms that should be addressed.


Ideally, this would be a perfect place to start for anyone and everyone. Once you have completed a simple DNA test such as 23andMe we can then take the raw data file and run more comprehensive genetic health reports. This serves as your blueprint for health. Once you have this critical information, you can make the necessary adjustments to your life so that future health consequences can be averted.


Cardiovascular and metabolic diseases are the reasons for almost all early death. Metabolic conditions (such as pre-diabetes, obesity, and PCOS) affect fertility in various ways and must be addressed or will be passed onto offspring. Cardiovascular conditions reflect the state of our circulatory health, essential to nourish the reproductive system, as well as long term heart health. Healthy parents.

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