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The 6 Causes of Infertility

The following is an important overview of the true causes of disease such as infertility and related conditions [Endometriosis, PCOS, male factor infertility, etc]. This simple overview makes it easy to understand where we need to put more focus so that we can both optimize our reproductive health, and stay healthy for the long run!

The six causes of infertility and any other dis-ease in the body according to Chinese Medicine are;

1. External Evils

From a modern perspective, this would include bacteria, viruses, parasites, medications, alcohol, junk food, smoking, and environmental toxins such as pollution, pesticides, plastics, perfumes, chemicals, mold, heavy metals, and radiation [airline travel, mobile devices, WiFi, smart meters, etc]. It is important to do what you can to clean up your life and environment, as the effects of these ‘external evils’ on egg and sperm health are now very well documented.

2. Overwork

Since age is a considerable factor in infertility these days, ask yourself if you are putting financial certainty before having a child. If you are working too hard, is there even room for conception when pushing so hard? If a baby is your priority, then it is important to live your life in a way that is conducive to the welcoming of this priority. Career or financial advancement must take a back seat, or at the very least share the spotlight. Sleep also MUST be a priority, especially when life is busy and conception is the goal.

3. Diet

We will go into more detail about finding what is right for you at the sessions with your Yinstill practitioner, but in short, lots of colourful food (mostly cooked) provides the first step toward the required nutrition for fertility and healthy pregnancy. Diving deeper into vitamin and mineral deficiencies should be explored in order to fine-tune your treatment strategies to fit your exact needs. If you haven’t already done so, please download and read our Yinstill Fertility Diet and Workbook now.

4. Emotions

Stress creates disease and worsens existing conditions. Any excess of emotion causes a heightened nervous system response and stress hormone output into the body. Emotional stress comes in many disguises from worry and anger to loneliness and anxiety. Stress management is always a component in our treatments at Yinstill. If you are an adult, especially an adult faced with health and or fertility challenges, there is going to be stress. Remember to check in with yourself throughout the day and take a deep breath to see where you’re at. Healthy mind, healthy body.

5. Activity Level

Too much or too little can be detrimental so find what’s right for you. Throughout history, humans have maintained health without the level of training required for an ironman or cross-fit, but we also did not spend so many hours sitting, we were chopping wood and carrying water, walking, and gardening [Special note: this was all outdoors in the sun, actually touching the earth]. If you’re at a desk all day, go for a 20-minute walk or incorporate some stretches in your day. And if you train every day and participate in a triathlon every three months, maybe slow down a little. It’s all about finding balance.

6. Trauma

Your body is both immensely strong and a delicate balance. Trauma can be interpreted as STI’s, a D&C procedure (a surgical procedure used to clean the uterus of the products of conception due to a non-viable pregnancy or abortion), injuries sustained from sporting accidents (particularly for men), surgery or a car accident that has thrown off the pelvic structure. There are corrections for these traumas though, so don’t feel like there is nothing you can do or it’s out of your hands.

Bottom line…
It is time to do a self-evaluation and be honest with yourself about where you need to improve your health and administer more self-care, or to find the right help. You ARE in control of your health and fertility. Start today.


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